Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power. For instance, a digital security camera requires two connections in order to works: Power and Data. Therefore, PoE safely allows electrical power and data to transmit concurrently on a single twisted-pair cable
(category 5e or above).

Benefits of a PoE Lighting:

• Energy savings from the use of LED lighting
• Better quality lighting systems.
• Customers do not need to add another expense and buy conduits.
• Powers devices on the same network used for data communications.
• Easy and cost-effective installation.
• Easier network management.
• Uses smart power technologies.
• Higher reliability
• Higher power transfer efficiency
• Ability to perform power/energy management
The PoE standards are: 15.4W (PoE), 25.5W (PoE+), 60W (PoE+) and 100W (PoE++).
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Since 2011, PoE Texas has delivered Power over Ethernet solutions that expand the potential of your IT infrastructure without replacing it. With more than 150 products designed to integrate with existing network technology, PoE Texas has made the promise of PoE accessible to businesses all around the world.